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I am an innovator, so you will have to forgive me for my unusual style in seeking out a better position in life. As an innovator I do things outside the box to get effects few realized would or could happen. I am even submitting a minor technology to NASA soon as a way for them to save money on space exploration.

I am seeking a management or supervisory position. I intend to work my way to being known as an expert in two fields: Security and Political Statistics. My two major expertise fields and I love them both.

My Background

# I have been working in a variety of industries over my life. Infantry, Tech support, Web Design, Security, Trucking, and even Politics. I bring a certain amount of diversification to the team in my skill sets. Some of the unique things I have done include:

A quick summary of what I have to offer

I am a growing and capable concern. I have ambitions, ability, and cross skills that are extremely useful. My experience is difficult to compete with and I have connections that others may be lacking in. Given all of this I am a great choice to hire as a supervisor or as low level management. In time I will be in upper management because I will continue to learn from others, strive to improve myself, and I will continue to do the steps needed at all times.

When you look at your other applicants I hope I can stand out as a top candidate for the position. For some positions I may be entry level, but for many I will be the professional you need and deserve!

Last updated: June 21, 2017

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