About Michael Harrington

I am a thinker, an A-Type personality, an activist and an amateur scientist. I love math, security, driving, and reading.

I am looking to advance myself as an expert in two fields. Security and Political Statistics. Both of course will take time and energy to complete but I have started down the road on both.


In Security I have written a book on Security called The Essential Security Guide Book. The book is designed to be similar in scale to a "For Dummies" series book in that it was designed for entry level people and personnel making security decisions who have no to little experience in security essentials. It is the first book on the market which covers the whole range of security issues except National Security. This is one of my first steps in getting name recognition in the industry. In the past I have worked with a number of companies. The one I rose the highest in was Empire Security which was a midsized company in the Portland Oregon market in the 90's before the company director moved to another security company. They handled a lot of government contracts and were active in bidding for all contracts in the region. In this company I started as a common officer and ended as an acting field supervisor (6 months in that role). I was also the company trainer, where I could go out and train new officers at one of over 30 different client sites, or cover an opening as needed.

Political Statistics

In the venue of Politics I have come up with 2 significant achievements. The first was the estimation prediction of the South Carolina Democrat Primary where I predicted to 0.1% accuracy the number who would vote in the Primary. This was the closest of anyone in the nation. I also was able to derive a statistics from the primaries where I determined that 12 million likely Democrat voters had in fact voted in the Republican Primaries. This number is in citation with approximately 5% of the active political activists on social media. My intent is to do a small book on the formulation I used, and to predict the 2020 election primaries to as close a figure as possible as well based upon if there is an active primary challenger to President Trump or if the Democrats are the only ones with an active Primary.

There is one accommodation need:
I cannot walk or stand for a full shift at all, I must sit approximately 20-25 minutes out of every hour due to an Army related injury. Otherwise my abilities are not significantly impacted except with a lot of stair climbing.

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