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My list of skills include the following:


Security is my main skill set in experience and is the focus of my efforts to advance name recognition for myself. I seek to become a known expert in the industry, one of which has the ability to increase market share of his employer, who can do specialized tasks, and perform outside the normal scope of duties.

In Security I have about 10 years experience, give or take, and have worked everything except management. I wrote a book for security designed to be understandable by anyone and giving solid advice on how to plan, prepare, and utilize security in a variety of settings. I have worked at sensitive locations including with the Railroad Police as a Supervisor, a secret Banking Center, facilities doing cutting edge research such as 3D microchips, and have guarded assets worth tens of millions of dollars.

Further I have done secured medical transport, unarmed bodyguard work, secured major crime scenes from tampering, and performed many duties "in extremis". I have found bodies, fought fires, given first aid and comfort to those suffering medical issues, found internal thieves, and more. The only thing I have never done outside the military is acting as an armed guard and in not doing any management positions.


The trucking experience is listed to demonstrate knowledge of the trucking industry, what to watch out for in shipping related theft. One of the most expensive loss areas is in the loading and unloading of trucks.

I have been responsible in a small trucking firm to manage my own truck as much as possible in regards to any repairs short of engine replacements. I have driven trucks with more than 1,100,000 miles and I have driven trucks with less than 1,000 miles. I have had 3 engine's go out from normal wear and tear (1 replacement, 1 warranty, 1 repair) and I have operated up to 8 axles with 110,000 pounds gross. I was responsible for routing, arranging new scheduling if there was issues en-route, and in maintaining the vehicle and trailer.


I have a great deal of comfort around technology. I have been a Windows Technician under contract to Dell Computers in the past and have maintained some proficiency in Office, Windows, and other software programs related to businesses.

I was given a pre-release copy of Office XP by a Dell Executive in recognition of my performance. I resolved a major issue on day 1 of Dell Computers releasing a new Computer with a new Video Card, a new Sound Card and using the new Windows Millennium. In short I am skilled in what I have done, I am very comfortable around technology, and I have been able to learn some languages as needed for hobby work or for small gigs.


I have included the political section to show that I have some skills in the area, but mostly to demonstrate that I have strong ties to Politicians in Oregon where I can help identify bad laws to them (or proposed laws) and see a chance to get some change done.

I am an activist who has gone to unusual gigs and places. I was there in Cleveland but not as a Delegate, I was active in the Primaries as both Statistician and Blogger. I called the S. Carolina Democrat Primary by 0.1% and my models have shown a significant amount of Democrats and typical Democrat voters crossed-over to vote for Trump in the Primaries. I was almost famous for a moment but crashed and burned with Indiana. I identified how the Russians ran their Social Media intrusions in the United States before any other publication did so, managed to identify trends based upon stories only partially addressing the topics, and have shown that I can read hundreds of articles in a day to find a nugget of information during my opposition research days.

I have identified how to counter the Russian strategy (This is a pay for a contract to advise issue), how to dominate Social Media, and how to target people effectively. Right now I am setting myself up for a more long-term strategy that I feel will pay off for the next Presidential Election.

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