Our city has a crime problem.


The politicians wish to ignore it. They want it buried as far as they can. We know it is happening.


I am going to crack open this problem, and get real solutions. Right now I can report this system is broken. There is to few jail beds, and a judiciary that is hostile to increasing the number of inmates per cell. The sader news is a jail and a prison remain unused... The prosecutors arraign people based upon crimes and reduce the charges and drop many. They know of the many early release programs as well. They put pressure on police to only arrest for the worst of crimes. This results in police releasing criminals with no charges. I have seen this many times as I worked security. For the police it is a reality the prosecutor wont prosecute those crimes, for the prosecutor it is the reality that to many wont serve more than a few days or weeks.


ENOUGH! I will work hard to make our communities safe. I will not rest while bolts are cut on bridges to sell as metal scrap. I will work to make us safer.

I also note my opponent is making a fools choice that will make Victims of Domestic Violence less safe. She want GPS devices in cars to track mileage now. GPS can be tracked by others as well. This means that dangerous ex of yours can find you on accident, use a GPS tracker to find your new home, your new work, and get you when your not ready. That ex wont even have to be in sight to track you, which means there goes the ability to drive to a police station.

Criminals look to gain with GPS tracking. Once they know your gone for a long drive they can loot your home at will. Think it wont happen? Think again. GPS trackers are becoming cheaper and it is not so hard to scan all cars in a neighborhood then place units at logical points on the Interstate.


Drug addicts are an issue in this State. I have looked into the eyes of Meth Addicts before and seen no human inside... That is a scary thing. I have lived with recovering addicts, I have worked besides recovering addicts, I know both sides of a coin short of that of an addict can. One of my proposals is to crowd source examination of addiction recovery programs throughout the United States. Let's find what works, what does not work, and help more people away from drugs. Let's also choke the supply at every opportunity as well. Let's examine the suppliers, identify how they work, lets push the further and deeper, lets make it so hard to deal in Oregon that our addicts can have a chance to break free, and so that we can reduce the number of future addicts.


When I got scammed for all I had, I ended up as the only Veteran in a housing program. While I was there it became my knowledge most others had come in as recovering addicts (some fresh from incarceration). Only one out of fourteen relapsed. Three others did not succeed in the program for a variety of reasons. This program however has a huge success rate compared to some certain programs I have seen.

The Government is a Consumer. It needs cash before it can provide. There are programs with very low overhead cost which have Production qualities.

We can make our communities safer and we can improve the quality of our programs with less Government control and more Not For Profit guidance. I even would challenge my opponent to return to her Not For Profit background and promote from there (so she wont spend money wastefully as well as focusing her energy back on a good track).